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7th Science • Whitmore

science welcome
Welcome to 7th Grade Science!
This year we will follow curricula for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (Links to an external site.) in 7th Grade at NMS!  We are following the integrated model, which means our focus will be mostly on chemistry and ecology. To answer two of the most common questions students and parents usually ask, (1) Science Fair participation is not required (but is optional and worth extra credit) and (2) we no longer conduct animal dissections. You can email me anytime at [email protected] if you have any questions. Looking forward to an exciting year!

Mr. Whitmore
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Planned Course of Study

Quarter 1

Introduction - (1/2 week)

Unit 1 – Science Basics (3 weeks)

Unit 2 – Ecology (5 weeks)

Unit 3 – Engineering Design (1 week)

Quarter 3

Unit 5 – Biochemistry (5 weeks)

Unit 6 – Natural Disasters (4 weeks)


Quarter 4

Quarter 2

Unit 4 – Chemistry (6 weeks)

Mid-Term Test Review (1 week)

Unit 7 – Anatomy (8 weeks)

Final Test Review (2 weeks)

End of Year (1 week)

Students are encouraged to contact me through their school email with any questions they have ([email protected]).
Weekly Assignment Calendar

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