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Turn in Activity Logs

It’s time to turn in your Activity Logs!  Just take a picture of the logs you have completed so far and email them to me.  Your grade is determined by the activity logs.  From now on, take a picture of your activity log on each Friday and email it to me.  Remember, it can be the same one you used for PE, but I need you to send it to me so I can give you credit for it.
Take a deep breath, focus on the last 3 weeks of school, and then enjoy your Summer.

Announcement: ‘Student of the Week’

Knights are Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.  During this time of distance learning, it is more important than ever to be responsible for your own learning.  For this reason, starting next week, I will be nominating one student each week for Norris’ ‘Student of the Week.’  I will be looking for one student each week who goes above and beyond. This student will complete their assignments, ask questions, looks for ways to learn even more, and just consistently proves how responsible they are.  I hope I can catch YOU being responsible for your own education. Your hard work is noticed.


Hopefully you will be chosen! Stay positive and and productive.


Mr. Komaromi

Check out the video

Mrs. Thomas put this video together and almost 100 teachers participated. This is for you.

New Challenge

We are all spending more time at home and I want to challenge you to keep moving and maybe be in better shape after we are done with isolation.  I am taking the 30 day Fitness Challenge starting on April 1st.  The workout is provided in the link on my page.  It starts out slow and increases each day.  You can use the workout for your log entries.
Please send me a picture or video of you doing your workout and I will put something together that we can watch when we get back.  I really hope all of you are doing well with your health and are keeping your family well by practicing social distancing.  Keep a positive attitude!  We will get through this.

Log Directions

Physical Education/Fitness

These directions are for PE OR Fitnes.  You don't have to keep a log for both classes.

Attached you will find an activity log for the week. Please note that the log is broken up into cardio, strength building, and stretching. You should stretch everyday. Cardio and strength building should be done at least 3 times a week. It’s best to alternate days. In other words, don’t do cardio and strength building on the same day.

Some activities that can be counted as cardio are sports that require running or jumping and/or running around the block or biking and scootering. You can always YouTube some videos as well.

Strength building does not always have to include weights. You can use your body weight for many exercises like push-ups, squats, or lunges. Again, YouTube might provide a good strength workout.

You will want to stretch everyday. It’s best to stretch after a short warm-up to avoid injury. Try to include all muscle groups like the neck, arms, legs, and trunk.

There is additional information at the bottom of the form as well.
To get proper credit, make sure you fill out the ‘Week of’ information.