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Mrs. Richert

Hi! I'm Hannah Richert.

I teach 7th grade World History.

I love teaching a subject that allows us to learn so much about other cultures!


I am also the yearbook adviser. It is so much fun to work with the students and create something great!

If you would like to purchase a yearbook or a dedication page, CLICK HERE!


I attended Olive Drive Elementary and Norris Middle school and it is really fun to be a Norris Knight, again!

I went to Centennial High School and Bakersfield College.

I received my BA in History with a minor in English Literature from San Francisco State University. I earned by Single Subject Social Studies Credential from Point Loma Nazarene University and am currently working on my Masters in Education there, as well.



I have been married to a pretty cool English teacher for almost 5 years.

He teaches across the hallway from me, and Mr. Richert and I love working together at NMS.

Last summer, we welcomed our son, Walter, to our family!

Parenthood has been quite an adventure and we are having a ton of fun.



I love to cook (and eat!)

I also like to bake pies.

Some of my favorite TV shows are: Stranger Things, Grey's Anatomy, and This is Us.

I'm not a big fan of football, but I LOVE baseball. Go Angels!

Of course, I love studying history. Specifically, I love studying government, politics, and the US Constitution!



Use the links below to access my Google Classroom for your assigned class.

Remember that your login should be in your planner.





  • Unit One: “Medieval” History Introduction & Historical Thinking

  • Unit Two: The Rise of Christianity, the Fall of Rome and the Byzantine Empire (7.1)

  • Unit Three: Feudal Europe (7.6)

  • Unit Four: Arabia- the Rise and Spread of Islam (7.2)

  • Unit Five: The West African Empires of Ghana and Mali (7.4)

  • Unit Six: East Asia- China and Japan (7.3, 7.5)

  • Unit Seven: The  Americas- Maya, Aztec and Inca  (7.7)

  • Unit Eight: Renaissance and Protestant Reformation  (7.8, 7.9)

  • Unit Nine: Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment (7.10  and 7.11)

  • Unit Ten: The Era of Exploration (7.11)