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Mrs. Paula McCullah » 7th Grade History

7th Grade History

About Me:
My name is Mrs. McCullah. I have been teaching at Norris Middle School since 2005. I got my Bachelor's in Political Science from California Baptist University in 2000 and my teaching credential in 2001. I received a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the same college in 2015. I am a mother of 3 boys, my oldest, Noah, going to college at UC Merced this year. I look forward to teaching your students to share my love of history!
About This class:

Course Description

Below, are  the topics taught in 7th grade world history. You will also find the corresponding California State Standard for that unit.


This year, your student will learn about the following:

Unit One: “Medieval” History Introduction & Historical Thinking

Unit Two: The Rise of Christianity, the Fall of Rome and the Byzantine Empire (7.1)

Unit Three: Feudal Europe (7.6)

Unit Four: Arabia- the Rise and Spread of Islam (7.2)

Unit Five: The West African Empires of Ghana and Mali (7.4)

Unit Six:East Asia- China and Japan (7.3, 7.5)

Unit Seven: The  Americas- Maya, Aztec and Inca  (7.7)

Unit Eight: Renaissance and Protestant Reformation  (7.8, 7.9)

Unit Nine: Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment (7.10  and 7.11)

Unit Ten: The Era of Exploration (7.11)


With each of these units of study we will spend time discussing the many aspects of culture. This includes music, art, literature, religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Native American tribal religions), government, social structure, geography, and economics.

Google Classroom:
Your students are now using google classroom to access some assignments. This is an exciting resource, and can be useful for school to home contact as well. You can access this at home as well.