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7th Grade History

August 15, 2018
Welcome to Norris Middle School Knights.  
Please remember to sign and return all the documents as a new student that include:
1. Emergency Card
2. Attendance Requirement
3. Acceptable User Policy (AUP)
4. Agenda Agreement
5. Student Handbook
6. Mr. C's classroom code agreement.
We are going to have a great year. 
August 16, 2018
Classroom procedures and expectations.  Students will be introduced to Peer Assessment and the first writing assignment on the History of Everything.
Welcome to 7th Grade World History.  This year we will be taking a tour traveling around the world learning about different cultures and societies that include:
1. Meso-America- Meso-America was an early center of culture in the Americas and home to the Maya and Aztec civilizations. 
2. South America- One of the most advanced American cultures, the Incas, developed in the Andes Mountains.
3. Europe- We will begin the the fall of the Roman Empire followed by the Middle Ages.  We will discuss ideas that effected the entire world including the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Age of Exploration and Enlightenment.
4. West Africa- Powerful empires like Ghana, Mali and Songhai grew rich through trade.
5. Arabia- The major world religion of Islam began in Arabia and quickly spread across much of Southwest Asia and North Africa.
6.Japan- The Japanese developed a military government run by generals called shogun and warriors called samurai. 
7. China- A series of empires ruled China, and the Chinese made many advances in science, art and learning.
Every student will need a spiral binder dedicated to this classroom.  
I look forward to a great school year with each and everyone of you.