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Mrs. Julie Ingram » Mrs. Ingram - 8th Grade Language Arts & Theatre

Mrs. Ingram - 8th Grade Language Arts & Theatre

Mrs. Ingram's Schedule:
1st period - Intro to Theatre
2nd period - 8th Grade Language Arts
3rd period - 8th Grade Reading
4th period - 8th Grade Language Arts
5th period - Lunch
6th period - 8th Grade Reading
7th period - Theatre Performance
8th period - Prep Period


  • PLEASE sign-up for ClassDojo at This is how I communicate with you!  With ClassDojo you receive class messages about homework and tests, as well as pictures to stay up to date on what is going on in our class.  You will also be able to keep track of your student's behavior/participation. ClassDojo is also a free app for your smartphone or tablet.
  • PLEASE sign-up for Parent Portal at to access your student's grades and view missing assignments at any time.
  • This year we will be using GoogleClassroom for many of our assignments.  I will instruct the student's on how to log-in in class.  
  • The online version of our textbook is available at  I will show the student's how to access it at home.
We'll go on to victory tonight
'Cuz we're the Norris fighting Knights!
We're going to do our best for the green, black, and white
And we'll never rest till we come home champions!
We'll go on to victory tonight
'Cuz we're the team that works as one
Now is the time to show the world we are the Norris fighting Knights!
Gooooo NORRIS!


Norris alma mater

Halls of memories

With hope in our hearts and pride in our families

We knew victories

Now we've learned of many things

And certainly we found

That all of the dreams we hold for the future

Still in tact abound

Though years many go we'll ever show

Unending loyalty 

To Norris to the green, black and white

We pledge our love to thee!    -   written by Mr. C  1989