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NMS New Teacher Tech Help

 powerschool logo PowerTeacher the district’s online student management system, including morning attendance.
 gradebook logo GradeBookPro the district-provided grading program.  This is a online grading program that allows administrators and parents (via Parent Portal) access to view student scores from your Gradebook.
 gmail logo Google Email our district email provider.  Also provides access to other Google for Education apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Classroom).
 edlio logo Edlio Website the district’s website management tool.
 frontline logo Frontline Absences the district's online substitute management system (can also be accessed by phone – 1 (800) 942-3767).  Accessed through District's Internal Resources (Online Forms).
 schoolnet logo SchoolNet the district's competency reporting and student testing system.  Math / English teachers report student competency results.  Everyone can lookup testing results. 
 google drive logo

Google Drive

online file storage and syncing (unlimited for teachers - sign in with school email)
 google classroom logo Google Classroom online portal for digital assignments, student collaboration, etc.
 nms logo District Tech Knowledge Base where to find FAQs and search for answers.
Teacher Stuff
  1. Your username for all applications should always be your full first name – a period – your full last name, as in "craig.whitmore". 
  2. Teachers should update assignments on their website weekly.
  3. All teachers are encouraged to make use of Google Drive (Back Up and Sync) to maintain an online backup of their important school data throughout the year.
  4. Remember that everything done on your teacher computer (even personal, non-school matters) is potentially open to the district.  While the district does not forbid us from making online personal purchases, keeping up with personal email, etc., please do not abuse this privilege or let it interfere with teaching duties.
  5. Teachers will all be issued a class set of Chromebooks (first year for this).  Additionally, you can signup for computer access time for their classes in the Library Computer Lab (on a first-come, first-served basis).
Student Stuff
  1. Students will be cleared to use school computers by the Library .
  2. Students should not access personal email from school computers.
  3. Students are not to access online video streaming or social networking sites, unless directed to by a teacher for instructional purposes.

  4. The library will train students in using online Google storage and Google email (when available).