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Ricci Ocampo » Welcome!


Welcome to Art class! I am so excited for this year! My name is Ricci Ocampo. I have a minor in Art and have been drawing and creating for my entire life. I feel absolutely grateful to be part of the Norris community and to share Art with so many of our wonderful students. 
We will cover so many aspects of Art this year including: Principles of Art (color, shape, form, line, value, texture, & space), Elements of Design (proportion, pattern, balance, unity, variety, emphasis, and movement), and various projects that will incorporate these Principles and Elements. We will be making collages, using watercolor, pastel, and acrylic paint. We will also cover Art History and learn about important figures, artistic movements, and the use of art in Ancient history. Overall, I want this class to be a place for students to express themselves while learning about how Art shapes the world around us.
My goal as your student's teacher is to provide them with open opportunities for success, learning, growth, and creativity. 
A few things about me: I am a mother of two boys and married to my best friend who is a Musician. My favorite artists are Georgia O'Keefe (Picture below), Salvador Dali, and Claude Monet. These names will pop up often in our class, along with many others. 


Back to School Night 2021-2022

Welcome back to school! This video goes into detail about what to expect in our Art class! I am so excited for this semester and this year. Our students at Norris are so creative and talented. It has been a joy watching them create and I cannot see where this year takes each of them on their creative journey!