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Computer Programming

This is an introductory programming class designed for 7th and 8th grade students.  The main programming applications we will use are Basic and Scratch.  Each student will receive a CD with their work at the end of the semester. 
          We will begin with basic programming, using an application called Quite Basic.  The goal will be for each student to program a simple choose-your-own-adventure text game (similar to Zork, which we will play through) using basic programming commands (if...then, input, goto) as well as ASCII art.  Quite Basic is free to use and runs on all Web Browsers.
          We will continue on to a more modern visual programming language, Scratch.  Students will learn how to manipulate graphics with their programming skills and design their own graphics games.  We will be using the online version - Scratch 3.0 (the older Scratch 1.4 version can still be dowloaded at this link).

     • ASCII Online Assignment
     • ASCII Art Titles (Figlets) 

Playing ZORK1 Online

 Savable Sites
Site #1        Site #2

 Non-Savable Sites
Site #3         Site #4
Zork1 Maps    Above     Below     Maze 

Example Text Adventure Games
To play these games, click on the link, select all, copy and paste into QuiteBASIC)

pirate game pic Pirate Treasure
About       Walk-Through
Adventure Castle
About       Walk-Through
castle game pic
About    Walk-Through
(based on the 1979 book by E. Packard)
mystery house pic
Mystery House Adventure
atlantis pic

ASCII Art to Use in BASIC Programs (scroll down to see the art)

(older programming links are below) 

 If using Windows / Linux
     1. Click on "Zork 1" and select "Open with Archive Manager"
     2. Open the "DATA" folder
     3. Drag the file called "ZORK1.DAT" to your desktop (NOT ZORK1.BAT)
     4. On Linux, open Terminal and type the command "frotz Desktop/ZORK1.DAT"
If using Mac OSX
     1. Download and Install "Zoom"
     2. Download the Zork1 data file
     3. Change the ".zip" suffix to ".z5"
     4. Double-click on "ZORK1.z5"
Example Text Adventure Games
To play these games, click on the link, select all, copy and paste into Chipmunk Basic (they may also work in other flavors of Basic).
All games in a zipped file
(adapted from the 1979 book by Edward Packard)
castle game pic