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Mr. Joseph Sampson » 7th Grade Math - Period 1

7th Grade Math - Period 1



Quarter 3 Week #1

- Monday 01/14/19- 

H/W- WS “Ch. 6-3 Solve Equations w/Rational Coefficients": #1-15 all

- Tuesday 01/15/19-  

H/W- WS Ch. 6-4 Solve Two-Step Equations”: #1-14 all

- Wednesday 01/16/19- 

H/W- WS “Ch. 6-5 More Two-Step Equations”: #1-12 all

- Thursday 01/17/19- 

H/W- WS "Mid-Ch.6 Quiz Review": #1-10 all

- Friday 01/18/19- 

H/W-  Mid-Ch. 6 Quiz - No Homework


Quarter 2 Week #9

- Monday 01/07/19- 

H/W- TB pg.436: #5-12 all

- Tuesday 01/08/19-  

H/W- WS "Ch. 6-1 Add & Subtract One-Step Equations": 1-18 all

- Wednesday 01/09/19- 

H/W- TB 6-2 pg. 451: #1-9 all

- Thursday 01/10/19- 

H/W- TB 6-2 pg. 451: #1-9 all, 10,11,15,16,27,30-40 even

- Friday 01/11/19- 

H/W-  No Homework



Mr. Sampson – 7th Grade Mathematics

Class Protocol Syllabus for 2018/2019 School Year

Class Rules:

  1. Be Respectful, Responsible, & Safe– This includes teachers, peers, and their belongings as well as your school.
  2. Be Ready to Work – Complete all work on time in pencil and show ALL work.
  3. All School Rules Apply. 


Consequences: “Sampson’s Reminders”

  1. 1st Reminder – Verbal Warning and log Minor Referral Form
  2. 2nd Reminder – Lunch Detention and log Minor Referral Form
  3. 3rd Reminder – Phone call home, log Minor Referral Form, and log entry
  4. 4th Reminder - Phone call home & After-School Detention, and log entry


Homework Policy:

Homework will be assigned almost everyday and is always due the next day. Homework Packets Assignments will be given out, and written weekly on the board. We will correct assignments using, but not turn them in until Friday. If a student is absent it is their responsibility to ask me for any work that was missed. Students will be given the same number of days they missed to make up the assignments.


Late Work:

I will accept late work but the maximum grade is 70% of the original value.


Extra Credit:

I do not offer extra credit assignments. However, I will occasionally add extra credit points into an assignment. Make sure to take advantage of this!



The lowest test grade given on any test will be a 50%. Students will be allowed to correct their tests and raise their grade as much as 10% by re-doing all missed problems. The exceptions would be a grade of 80-88%, which can only be raised to 89%. So 89% is the highest possible I can raise a grade. If you want an “A”, you have to get an “A” the first time.


Supplies Needed:

Everyone is expected to have his or her own PENCIL, DRY ERASE MARKER, and AGENDA everyday (homework assignments will not be accepted in ink). If purchasing any of these items is a difficulty, then please have student contact me and we will make other arrangements.